June 26, 2007

What should I do?

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For some reason, the company I work for decided that they are shutting down for the week of July 2- July 6 ALL because SOME people were going to take a couple of days off before or after the July 4th holiday.

Not only are they taking some of MY vacation days, but also one of my floating holidays to make up for the days that we are closed. At first I was REALLY mad about this. I wanted to choose when I took my few days of freedom. But then I thought about how I had never taken a day off to do nothing before.

Now I am pleased that I have an entire week to do nothing.(I was going to spend it deep cleaning my house, but my husband did that for me last weekend.) So, what do I with my time?

I was thinking of a few things:

1) Sit in bed most of the day and watch all the Netflix they will send me.
2) Make a new purse. I don’t have a pattern yet, but I have been wanting to try to make one.
3) Sew a skirt. My friends wedding is the next weekend and I thought it would be fun to have a cute skirt to wear.
4) Go to all the nearby shops that are really too girly/boring for my husband. (not that I will buy anything.)

What do you do when you have 5 days to do nothing?


June 20, 2007

Ascot Ladies Day

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Oh! Would I LOVE to go to Royal Ascot Ladies Day and to wear a grand hat!

What would you be?

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Matt Lauer recently interviewed Prince William & Harry of the United Kingdom. One of the most telling questions that he asked the young men was something like, “If your last name wasn’t Windsor and you were just a Smith or a Jones, what would you choose to do with your lives.”

They struggled the most with this question over all the others they had been asked during the interview. Because, from birth, they understood their place and duty, I suppose they never thought seriously about it.

But ME!?!?! I have come up with a few ideas of the things that I would do if money was not an issue.

1. Archivist – I don’t know the exact title, but I would love to work in the National archives, the British Museum, or any other large entity that obtains, keeps and secures history.

2. Farmer – Not on the large scale though. I would just like to have a farm that is somewhat self-sustainable. I want to grow food for my family, have animals, etc. I would also try to use as much solar and wind power as possible. I really like the idea of not relying on large companies for my resources. I am not a tree0hugger or anything. I just like being self-reliant and also the cost savings! (Wait… Wasn’t I supposed to not be worried about money? Yeah… I’d still want to do it.)

3. Furniture Designer – When I was growing up I toyed with the idea of being an architect or interior designer. Those seem a bit daunting to me now, but I would LOVE to DESIGN furniture. I think my style is a bit of classical, with a touch of Arts & Crafts/Mission Style. I am not too fond of modern furniture, and I LOVE comfortable things around me.

4. Travel Guidebook Author – I TRULY believe that Rick Steves has the BEST job in the world. I would love to just travel and give my opinions on locations, restaurants, activities at each destination. Plus, I would have the opportunity to go to more obsure places. It wouldn’t just be Paris, Rome, and London. (Not that those are bad!) I would also stick around a while… Experience the place… Get to know people…

So, tell me…. What are the things that you would do if money and obligations were not an issue?

June 18, 2007

Three Beautiful Things

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1. Plopping myself on the bed after having folded baskets of laundry for an hour.

2. African Nectar Herbal Tea from Mighty Leaf Tea after my hectic morning of organizing people.

3. Fresh summer strawberries

June 12, 2007

Rest in Peace Mr. Wizard

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Don Herbert, TVs ‘Mr. Wizard, dies at 89.

You know…. I hadn’t thought of Mr. Wizard in quite some time. But tonight (just moments ago, actually) when I heard that Mr. Wizard died, it really hit me. I LOVED this mans show, “Mr. Wizard’s World”.

What I didn’t know about him was that he didn’t hold any advanced degree in science. Yet, he influenced many children’s interest in science. Including mine.

I STILL remember some if his experiments 20 YEARS later. I really wanted to be on his show when I was little. I watched it on Nickelodeon. What does that channel do now? Rugrats? Sponge Bob? Give me Mr. Wizard ANY day.

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