March 31, 2008

Hangin’ Tough!

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Believe it!

March 30, 2008


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1. Who set you up?: Kirsten my sister in law.

2. Post the rules of “tagging” on my website.

If you don’t know the rules of tagging…. Well… It is pretty obvious….

3. Write seven things about myself: ( I have already done a “100 things” post and that was like pulling teeth.I can’t imagine this will be easier.)

– If I could have married any Jane Austen character it would be Mr. Knightley. Everyone always swoons over Mr. Darcy. But give me a Mr. Knightley ANYDAY! Jeremy Northam is pretty hot too.

– I LOVE cheesecake, but I haven’t had a bite of it since my First Anniversary (2006). We had cheesecake at our wedding instead of wedding cake because I love it so much.

– Even though we have an apartment and live on the second floor, I have made a “garden” in two window boxes. We will have zucchini, tomatoes and a variety of herbs all grown from seed!

– I pretend I can crochet. I can’t follow a pattern.


– My favorite channel is the Food Network.

– I can not make anything that requires yeast.

– After I graduate I plan to learn Italian.

4. 7 of your favorite blogs:

–  Cute Rush

–  Faces In Places

–  Outdoor Oddities

–  Desire to Inspire

Mrs. Blandings

–  Taste Spotting

Rare Bird Finds

5. Tag 7 others.

I’ll leave it up to visitors if they would like to me tagged.

March 25, 2008


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I love Apartment Therapy. As a girl who wanted to be an Interior Designer or Architect, you would be surprised to come into our Apartment because it is a rather boring, almost collegiate feel to it. That is because I am holding out for good furniture when I actually have MY OWN place.

Today on Apartment Therapy I saw this…

I actually really like the idea of this. Living in an apartment, a nice soaking tub WOULD be great.

But then I thought… “Ew! She is sitting in a bathtub with a baby! Disgusting!! She is sitting in a pool of diluted baby pee!” (Just think if that baby was a boy…. ~shudder~)


Come on, Moms of the earth… Is that not disgusting to you too?

March 14, 2008

Julie Andrews

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I read an excerpt from Julie Andrews new book in Good Housekeeping. It comes out on April 1st. I am so tempted to buy it. I am usually one to wait for paper back or even used. But I do really want to read it!

I have met a few celebrities, but Julie Andrews is the only one that made me nervous. I worked at a bookstore where she was going a book signing a few years ago (I think she was in the bay area  filming The Princess Diaries at the time). I got to be “security” for the event! She was talking to her manager as she walked into the back room and she sounded just like she did when she was Mary Poppins and she said, “With every job that must be done, there is an element of fun…”. Her voice was so smooth and relaxed.

In the book, she talks about her childhood as well as, and most interesting, the period she became famous for My Fair Lady, Cinderella, Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music.

Enh…. I guess it is okay for me to wait to buy it. I can’t even begin reading it until June when the semester is over.

Pi Day

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Happy Pi Day!

Photo from Big Red Kitchen 
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