October 31, 2007

Did you feel it?

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EarthquakeSee that big blue square?

Did you feel the earthquake last night? 5.6!! Wow! It was THAT big and NOTHING happened. We didn’t have a THING fall off the walls or shelves.

Ryan and I were just sitting down to dinner when it happened. I heard the rumble and it didn’t register in my mind what was going on, but he shot up out of his seat and headed to the front door. I realized then what was going on and jumped up as well. We both stood in the doorway as the quake continued.

After the shaking stopped, we stayed in the doorway because our building was swaying. I didn’t want to move until everything stopped. I wasn’t really scared because I had been through earthquakes before, but this one was much larger and gave me a bit of concern.

The funniest part about the event is the reaction of my cats. Both of them spent the night sniffing everything in the apartment to make sure everything was ok. How cute!


October 29, 2007

What kind of Wife are YOU?

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Which wife of Henry the Eighth are you?

Your Result: Anne of Cleves



You are Anne of Cleves, fourth wife of Henry. Though you may seem boring and unattractive to some, you will be remebered for your cleverness to save your own neck!

Catherine Parr



Anne Boleyn



Kathrine Howard



Katherine of Aragon



Jane Seymour



Which wife of Henry the Eighth are you?
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This is why Birth control was invented… Sterilization would be nice too.

October 24, 2007


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Okay… SO I am not COMPLETELY computer saavy. I guess that is obvious because I am not using WordPress and I am still using Blogger.


The stupid hypertext/hyperlink function simply won’t work for me anymore. I can’t link to anything unless I give the FULL web address. I hate this. It is messy and unattractive.

Did they change something in the last month?

Children’s Literature

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I don’t have kids, but I still love the books I read as a child. I think it would be fun to go to this exhibit at The National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature.
See that top picture? The Color Kittens was one of my absolute favorite books when I was growing up. I remember that my grandmother gave it to me for one of my birthdays, and I was so excited to get to read it that night before going to bed.
Too bad I have NO reason to go to Abilene, Texas anytime in the next few months.

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