March 27, 2007


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Yesterday, as I was driving home for lunch (I work 5 minutes away from my house, so I go home and enjoy leftovers and some Food Network during my lunch hour) I saw a new development of apartments being built. Living in the silicon valley, this isn’t a rare occurance. People don’t build houses here anymore. It is just condos and apartments that are built. Seeing these new complexes sent me into a little depression. You might wonder why I would be sad about a new complex being built. But it was right then that I realized why I really don’t like living here.

I grew up in rural California. My family was never poor. My parents could have paid for everything I ever wanted. But we were frugal people (which is probably why we weren’t poor) so I had what I needed and then a bit more. Most people I went to school with probably were not in as good a situation as I was. However, everyone seemed to have relatively the same quality of “things”. Sure… Some had Guess jeans, while others had Cherokee brand. But overall, people just did with what they had.

When I saw those new apartments going up I kind of got huffy because I KNEW that we could not afford them. I feel like I am on the verge of poverty living here. What makes this silly is that if I had this SAME apartment where I grew up, I would feel like we were doing pretty well and that it was a fairly posh place.

I know I am generalizing when I say this, but it seems that the general population of silicon valley (and probably most large cities) are trying to “Keep up with the Jones'”. Until I lived here, I never really had that mentality. I never cared if I had a Coach or Louis Vuittan handbag. In fact, I had never even heard of the brands. My glasses didn’t need to be Prada, and I didn’t feel the NEED to drive a Volvo. But now, I feel like I am desitute because I only live in an apartment and I drive a KIA. How pitiful is THAT!

Yeah… An apartment is no house. But it was freshly renovated before we moved in and it is 2 whole bedrooms! That could be a luxury for some and maybe even unusual for a newly-wed (ish) couple with no kids. Yay! I also have a car that is under warranty and was made within the last 5 years. Yay!

I am tired of trying to “keep up with the Jones'”. I need to get back into my modest frame of mind.


March 23, 2007

Who is YOUR Inner European?

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Your Inner European is Irish!

Sprited and boisterous!
You drink everyone under the table.
Who’s Your Inner European?

March 22, 2007

Seven Things

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Seven Things To Do Before I Die
1. Live somewhere outside of the US.
2. Go on a vacation and not sightsee… Just relax….
3. Be my own boss
4. Take a painting class
5. Renovate an antique house
6. Eat pasta and cheesecake without worrying about calories and carbs
7. Shop without thinking about the price

Seven Things I Cannot (or won’t) Do
1. Wear a bikini
2. Eat whole fish, i.e. eyeballs, skin etc.
3. Run a marathon
4. Deep sea dive
5. Smoke
6. Go to Antarctica
7. Give myself a shot

Seven Things That Attract Me to a Man
1. Beautiful Eyes
2. Great Teeth
3. Humor
4. Opens my bottled water without me even asking
5. Spirituality
6. Strength
7. Honest

Seven Things I Say
1. CRAP!
2. GEEZ!
3. Puh-LEEZ!
4. Come on!
5. Oy!
6. Dang it!
7. Hel-lo!?!?!

Seven Good Books
1. Katharine
2. I Capture the Castle
3. Anne of Green Gables (Series)
4. Harry Potter (Series)
5. The Dark is Rising (Series)
6. Pride & Prejudice
7. The Indian in the Cupboard

Seven Good Movies
1. Pride & Prejudice
2. The Princess Bride
3. The Notebook (Yes! I’m SUCH a girl!)
4. Horatio Hornblower (Series)
5. Band of Brothers
6. Strictly Ballroom
7. Ballykissangel (Series)

March 20, 2007


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I swore that I would try to be a better blogger and at LEAST write SOMETHING every three days. I am such a slacker.

I am disappointed when there is a blog I enjoy and there isn’t a new entry EVERY day, so if I want to be something others want to read, I really need to kick myself in the butt and get typing.

So, as for my latest discovery….

Stumble Upon is a site that I have grown to love over the last week or so. It has become a little addictive. It brings up sites, somewhat based on interest, that you would normally not come across in normal everyday googling.

In other news….

Classic books strike back! British book lovers have picked Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice as the book they simply “couldn’t live without,” placing it above gripping blockbusters like J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy and J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

In an online survey, 2,000 readers were asked to name their 10 must-have books. Pride and Prejudice took top honors, though results varied by age and gender. Young readers favored wizards, while men preferred hobbits to romantic comedy. Still, it’s clear that, 200 years after its publication, Pride and Prejudice packs plenty of page-turning power.

March 13, 2007


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I have always wanted to live in a foreign country. Not for the rest of my life. But for long enough to know the language and to have a few haunts that I can reminisce about in my old age. My problem is that I am too afraid to make that big leap. Especially now that I am burdened with “belongings”… I wouldn’t want to get rid of everything and just have to buy new once I got there. I wouldn’t want to put everything in storage for the day when I return to the US.

England seems like an easy one. There isn’t much of a language barrier to deal with over there.

In movies, people always go live in France. Although I think France is beautiful, and I did take 4 years of French, I don’t think they like Americans too much.

But Italy… Italy sounds like the perfect place to have my life’s European Interlude. It is the most romantic place I have ever been and the people don’t seem to mind Americans! My husband speaks fluent Italian, so at least we BOTH wouldn’t be lost there.

I love the thought of having all that history around me. Living in a building that is 300 years old. Knowing the shops and people in my neighborhood. That just doesn’t happen here. I don’t even know anyone in my apartment complex other than the manager. I understand I have something to do with that. But it just isn’t in the culture here to get out and know your neighbors.

In Italy, it seems as if your neighborhood is part of your life. You know the fruit seller, the baker, the florist, etc. You walk outside more, enjoy your outside space more.

I think about this more lately because I have started reading a few expat blogs.

Here are my favorites.

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