September 29, 2006


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I just found myself talking about cats with an older British woman here at work. I LOVE talking with British people, but I always feel a bit creepy when I talk about cats. Not because I think cats themselves are creepy(I have two); But because I just think of a crazy old spinster woman who has about 15 cats in her one bedroom cottage with an afghan on her lap, doilies on all the furniture, and who treat her cats as if they were her children. I am not that person, nor will I ever be.


In fact, the only reason I have cats is that my apartment complex charges $100 a month extra to have a dog. Cats are no charge. I do like cats, but I like dogs MUCH more. (Even though I am allergic to any animal with fur… YES… I have 2 cats and I am allergic to them) Plus, cats can live in an apartment MUCH better than dogs can, and I don’t want one of those “pocket pooches”.

My cats names are Lilly and Stella. I LOVE Stella (except for the fact she doesn’t like to be picked up) and I really don’t like Lilly. Sometimes I feel horrible because I like one more than the other. I feel like a parent who adores one of her children and is cold to the other. Lilly follows me around and meows VERY loudly constantly. She always feels like she needs to be on top of me and in my face. Stella, on the other hand, follows me around from room to room, but she will just lay close to me so I can reach down to pet her at times. She will sometimes give me a tiny hoarse meow when it has been too long since I paid attention to her. I think her meow is so adorable. Lilly’s meow is annoying and LOUD. Everything about Lilly is ostentatious and I sometimes get the urge to kick her across the room (but I don’t).

Sometimes, when my eyes are bloodshot and my lungs are wheezing I REALLY just want to get rid of them. But then I think that no one will take my sweet little Stella because she isn’t a kitten anymore (they are only 1 year old, but people only want kittens). I also think about getting rid of them when I have to clean the litterbox. But then, when they are sweet and cuddly, or rambunctous and adorable I LOVE having them. Sometimes I feel like it isn’t being fair to myself to be allergic to my home. My house should be where I feel the most comfortable. I shouldn’t have to worry about touching my eyes because there is cat on them.

I do love my little kittens. Even Lilly…. Sometimes… 🙂 Because I love them, I go through the red puffy eyeballs and the drippy nose and weezing. They really are beautiful little hairballs!



September 28, 2006

1st post

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So, I had all these ideas of what my first post should be. I have been contemplating it for 24 hours now and I have decided that my 1st will be about my job. I decided to do a blog because I have a lot of time on my hands at work with nothing much to do. So, I might as well type out my strange thoughts as the time goes by.

My parents have no real idea of what I do. They know I work for a Data Storage Company and I sit at a desk, and that is about it. In reality… That is kinda true!

Here is my typical day:

  • Get into work @ 8:30
  • Sit at the front desk and turn on my computer
  • Wait for my computer to actually function correctly so that I can type in the gazillion passwords to actually start anything significant. i.e. The Calendar and my Outlook Mail
  • Depending on if I am the 1st to arrive or not – Turn on the TV’s
  • Check all the rooms and see if they are as clean as I left them the evening before
  • Look at the various agendas for the day to note when I will need to prep rooms
  • Check my hotmail account
  • Go to the gift closet and take out about 15 gifts (expensive pens, leather notebooks, etc.)
  • Go to the literature cabinet (it isn’t as interesting as it sounds) and take out packets for the days briefings.
  • Check my yahoo account
  • Check
  • Check
  • Gather agendas, literature packets, and gifts and take them into the rooms that have briefings that day
  • place tent cards (place cards with names of customers, thier title and company) in appropriate location.
  • Place gift to the right side of the placemat and the literature packet with a copy of the agenda on top
  • Puch the button to bring down the projection screen
  • Wake up the computer, type in the password
  • Wait
  • Find the powerpoint agenda and bring it up for projection
  • Go back to the front desk – Time 9:0o am
  • Say “Hello!” to people as they come in – Direct them either to the restrooms or their Conference Room (sometimes both)
  • Check Outlook mail
  • Look at (Yes, I know I am retarded)
  • Look at
  • Look at
  • Look at
  • Look at – Sections (in order of importance) Free, Pets, Apartments for Rent, Furniture, Jobs – Sometimes I mix it up with Jewelry, Tickets or sometimes even other cities/countries craigslists
  • Chat
  • Check Outlook mail again
  • Check hotmail again
  • Look at travel options from the emails from travelzoo, tripadvisor, shermanstravel
  • Time – 10:45 am
  • Chat
  • Prep rooms for Breifings starting in the afternoon (if applicable)
  • Time – 11:00 am
  • Check Outlook mail again
  • Chat
  • Look at cuteoverload again. See if there are any new postings
  • Look at tmz again. See if there are any new postings
  • Talk with the women I work with about what the news is on the tv
  • Look at
  • Think of things that I have wanted to look up, but didn’t have a computer handy when I wanted to look it up
  • Chat
  • Direct people to the restrooms.
  • Check the empty Conference Rooms to make sure no one has made a mess.
  • Check Outlook mail again
  • Go to Lunch – 12:30 pm approx.
  • Check hotmail, yahoo, and gmail
  • Chat
  • Go through all previously mentioned websites again to make sure nothing has changed
  • Chat
  • Look at the TV to see the latest Hostage situation/Kidnapping/Murder Trial
  • Time – 3:00 pm
  • Contact Breifing Managers with Briefings the next day and get them to FINALLY send me their final agendas
  • Put the final agendas on a powerpoint presentation
  • Chat
  • Make table tents for the next days briefings
  • Make a Welcome Monitor for the Front Lobby TV with our Customers logos for the next day
  • Chat
  • Look at ALL my email accounts again
  • Check Outlook mail again
  • Make last minute changes to the “Final Agendas”
  • Print out the agendas
  • Make Presenter Evaluations
  • Time 4:50 pm
  • Look at the TV to see if anything has changed
  • Pick up the rooms if people have left for the day
  • Time – 5:00 pm
  • Get ready to go home
  • Turn off the TVs and the Monitor in the Front Lobby
  • Leave

As you can see, I get paid for doing nearly nothing. Sure, there are days that it is really hectic. But that is rare. Maybe 3 days in a month. So otherwise I am rather bored much of the day. I like chatting because it breaks up the monotony.

The thing is, this job is perfect. I get paid well;I don’t really have stress; I can do homework if no customers or executives can tell I am doing homework; I live 5 minutes away; my boss could care less what I do as long as she doesn’t hear from someone that I am screwing up. But even with pay being good and the job being SO easy, I kind of would like a challenge at times. I kind of feel like I am not doing anything for myself by being here. It is perfect for me as a college student. But as a person only taking 2 classes at a time, can I call myself that? Shouldn’t I have a REAL job or something? Not that I want to leave. This place is too perfect a place right now. It is easy and I am free to take the hard classes I need to to FINALLY finish school! HA!

So until I really have to get a new job… I’ll be here… Chatting, looking at stupid websites, and occasionally working!

September 27, 2006

New Blog

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I have finally decided that I am going to have a blog. It may not be really interesting to anybody but me. But after reading others blogs, I feel like it might be a great outlet and to just let myself listen to myself. Hopefully I will figure out how to do this blog thing…. I’ll probably end up needing lots of help from my loving husband, Ryan. (He has been trying to get me to do this for ages now and he is always more than willing to help me with computer stuff…. I am a complete idiot when it comes to computers!)

This blog will be a “stream of consciousness” type of blog (I think). This is because it just seems more relaxing, and in the end, this is for me really. Yup I am only thinking of me.

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